Sunday, 18 January 2015

Something Only We Know

So, since the 14th of January it's official: I'm an applicant for university in Scotland. St. Andrews, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are my choices. The first two have an excellent reputation and are wonderful unis, the third one.. well, when I visited Aberdeen I really liked the uni itself, but the city? Ugh. It had a weird aura, kind of like a ghost town or something. Pretty grey, all in all.
The beach was amazing, though (I always fall for good beaches). So I included Ab (I'm all for cool, casual abbrevations, you see) in my application. Also, I kind of hope that they will actually make me an offer, since St. Andrews and Ed probably are not going to. 
I don't want to sound pessimistic here, just realistic. I don't have bad grades, but they want fabulous ones. A little too late for that now, isn't it? I can only hope that my personal statement will blow them away, along with the reference I got from a good old teacher of mine from boarding school (I have no idea what he put in there, fingers crossed it's mind-blowingly good).

I guess the reason I am writing all of this on here is that I don't want to tell all my friends about the whole application thing (some of them vaguely know I intended on doing it, only one knows I went through with it). I don't want them to ask every now and then: "soooo, did you get accepted, yet?", because first, this would make me even more nervous than I already am and secondly, when at some point I will eventually have to tell them that "nope, I did not get in", I don't want to see their pity-faces and "uhh" and "ahhs" and "but nevermind, a lot of good students don't get in". 
It's enough to then have to tell that to myself over and over again...

On the other hand, I really do know that I shouldn't care all too much about the outcome, because in case of a refusal I can still go on studying here and that's OK, too (only that I would really like not to settle with just OK). 
Anyhow, so now that you know (the two of you -max.- who are actually reading this post.. eventually), fingers crossed please, it's the thought that counts.

Cheers to spilling your heart on the Internet,
(pause for some self-pity)
The beautiful Scotland,
And aiming for the impossible.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hakuna Matata, Now Pack Your Bags
expecting nothing less.
Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I finally sat together to discuss something I am very excited about. This March the two of us and another friend are leaving for a 1-month backpacking trip through Malaysia (or Thailand, still pondering).
Although I love traveling, I actually haven't done as much of it yet as I would have liked to. After finishing school I had considered doing some work and travel through Australia, but chicken-hearted as I am, I dropped that thought and went straight to uni. I simply never felt at ease at the thought of being in a far-away country and not prepared enough for what will happen to me. I love planning things and knowing my stuff before I go do something even remotely adventurous and I never had the feeling I could prepare enough for something as exciting and new to me as backpacking.
And I really hate dislike that part of me, I mean being careful and all is not bad, but I am such an overthinker in all parts of my life that it often hinders me to do things that actually could turn out to be really great for me.
So now I decided it's time for me to suck it up and live for once. Malaysia/Thailand, here I come. We still need to do a bit quite a lot of planning (booking the flights, first of all..) and right now I'm really looking forward to the experience while trying to supress every scary thought that pops up in my head like what if we get robbed/lost/fight all the time/get an awful disease or something (told you: overthinker). But, so many people have done this stuff at my age and even younger, and there's always that first time, right?
So, everything's gonna be alright. Hakuna Matata, and all.

Do you have any experience with backpacking? Or have traveled to Thailand/Malaysia and got a good calming story to tell? Any tips you can share with the sissy me over here?
I'd really appreciate that!

Cheers to taking chances,
Facing your fears
And white beaches ...

Thursday, 8 January 2015

ZEN, Please.

OK, so yesterday I went to a local ballett studio for a yoga trial-session (actually I ran since I was way too late, perfect pre-workout). I had done some classes every now and then before, but oh. my God. This was excruciating. My shoulders burned, my wrists ached, my ankles trembled.
Jesus, every inch of my body was on fire. And during all those painful, intense seconds and minutes that felt like hours and days of holding ridiculous not-possibly-for-humans-created poses, the only thought I could form in my head was: "No. fucking. way am I going to come back (speaking of, that one hurt, too) for this."
Then, when class was over (thank you jesus), after having had one of those very relieving and relaxing little naps on the yoga map (you know, the ones where you're told to "feel your toes get lighter" and stuff), I crawled strutted out of the room and directly towards the office to sign up for the course.
"Um, what? Self-contradictory, much?", you may say now. Yeah, that's what I thought, my friend.
But, you know what? Those 60 minutes of painful(l) self-inflicted violence actually triggered a certain ambition that even I happen to contain somewhere deep inside me. I actually want to, some day, get to the point where I can do all of these fricking yoga poses and be all zen about it and super relaxed instead of biting my shirt trying to suck it up and suppress the need to curse and scream my heart out (as I felt that was not the appropriate way to handle the situation).
I really want to gain more control over my body, become at peace with my self, and also super sexy and flexible. So yes, I signed the contract and next wednesday I'll be back in the suffering game, again. High five on that!

Also, by the way, I signed up for a (beginners) ballett class at that studio. I am super excited for that, first class starts today and I can't dance ballett at all. Actually, I did it back in the days, at the age of 6 or so. Unfortunately, the only thing I vaguely remember from that was how, when I got my hair cut super short, I refused to go back there until it would have grown back. So my mother simply signed me out. Tragic, I know. What a sudden and unexpected decease of my glorious-to-be ballet-career that was. But I am working on that come-back now, as you can see.
So fingers-crossed for me, everyone!

Cheers to zen people (kudos to you),
strong ambitions and high-set goals,
and also, to chocolate fondue
(had some yesterday after class.
It was a tough day, OK?).

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Break-Up Note.

Every end is a new beginning.

Dear Internet,

Let me tell you a little something about myself.
I love reading. Sadly, that does not mean I read as often as I should, anymore. 
When I was younger, people had to surgically remove me from my book at times (figuratively spoken - I'm fine, thanks for your concern) to get me to eat/speak/interact in any sort of way. That must have stopped around the time.. oh right, the time I met you. 

Internet, o Internet, love of my life, 
My moon, my sun and stars. 
My doom. 
You taught me so much, you always find ways to make me laugh, 
Boredom never exists when I'm with you. 
But you know what? 
You also take my money, you overwork my back, 
You redden my eyes, you make me a wreck. 
(Also, you give me an awful shock whenever you suddenly disappear due to another WIFI time-out.) 

So I now and hereby vow to reduce our quality time together immensely. I just need to set priorities, you know. And one priority of mine has become the need to read more books. 
Books, your nemesis, I know, I know, darling. But please, relax. It does not mean we're over. We can still meet, casually. Believe me, it definitely is not you, it is me. Sorry, my friend. I did not intend to cause you pain.
It's just that....
The last few days I finally got to meet a very special book, Les Miserables it was. Love at first read, that's what it was. Its style of writing, its brilliant storyline, its momentous message. It was simply too sexy for me to resist. It got me drunk with words, longing for more. It made me thirsty.
So I ordered two more books (via amazon, see, I'm still with you, at times). My heart pounds faster at the thought of all those precious books I am about to devour with my eyes, caress with my fingers. 
I know they will give me a lot. A lot that you just can't give me, anymore.
O Internet, you very old and steady companion of mine, as much as I value you, I value my happiness more. I love you, but I love me more (high five to Samantha Jones at this point). I for now leave you with this note. You're not first in my heart anymore, but don't you worry, that does not mean farewell.
After all, we can still be... friends.

With my best wishes for you I remain,
Yours sincerely, the ex-you-addict.

Cheers to tumblr,
youtube, asos, amazon,
tubeplus and so many more.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Hour

"A Happy Meal, Please!!" Last Day of 2014
First things first, A FANCY, HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR to all of you guys!
How wonderful it feels to have made it to another new year, don't you think? Once again, you're offered a fresh start in life, new possibilities are to come and the future looks oh so exciting.

But, if you come to think about it, isn't it weird how just the fact that the calendar starts with two ones can create such a freeing, positive vibe?
Actually, why can't every day feel like the beginning of a new year, hell, a new life if it suits you? Why do we wait for that 01.01 to "skip alcohol and pizza/get organised/earn money/read more/(insert any desired NY resolution here)"?
Every day, even hour gives us the chance to become a better version of ourself, we just need to fricking grab it.
If on the evening 5th of May you feel like quitting alcohol, quit. And continue doing that for as long as it pleases you. It's September the 4th and you decide to become super intellectual and educated and turn into a sexy bookworm? Go buy a new book and get lost in it, then buy another one, then another one. Craving Health on a Wednesday in rainy November? Create a delicious healthy meal, spoil yourself with a beeswax candle on the table (a bit more expensive, but they smell like heaven.. if heaven happens to smell like beeswax, of course) and a white napkin on your lap and indulge in your whole wheat pasta.

If you want to change your life, you don't need a new year to do it.
Unless your resolution was to turn older. In that case, congratulations, you just got one year closer to becoming old and deaf. Now please, relax and enjoy that left-over slice of pizza.

So Cheers to New Beginnings,
Ancient Wisdom,
And almost fresh left-overs!

Friday, 22 August 2014

I say Men, you say: SKIRTS! (Wait, What?)

Source: Telegraph UK

Men in skirts.. I never was all too sure what I should think about that
-Well, except: "why??" And maybe also: "NO!!"

But you know what? I will make an exception. Hell, I will make a whole lot of exceptions.
For the next two weeks I will happily accept every man I see wearing a skirt.
Because apparently, that's what men do.. when in Scotland.

Yeah, that's right, I'm going to go to Scotland!
My plan is to visit several scottish unis, since I consider ditching Germany and studying over there. I picked the following: Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, most of them having Open Days now.
Of course, I am super duper excited about the trip, since Scotland seems to be a beautiful country, and let me tell you: I really do like Porridge, so: check!

Now it seems like scottish clouds aren't very happy clouds, having a tough life - always crying, those poor little things!
On top of it, my friend the Internet tells me how it currently has around 14°C there at best, which means bye-bye summer clothes…

Mentally preparing for that weather, I created yet another polyvore set.. Or two three, which I think kinda suit the occasion, too.
(Weirdly, I only now realise how I forgot to throw in a nice pair of wellies, oops.)

Have any of you been to Scotland, or maybe even live(d) there? Or anyone going on a uni-visit-spree, as well?
Got an idea what I should wear when on campuses? Like more formal, or laid back (ripped jeans and stuff OK?) Tell me, tell me, tell meeeh!!
(I am usually not as desperate as I sound on here.. I hope.)


Uni von wandahmvmnavy tights enthaltend


Uni von wandahmvmgold jewelry enthaltend


Uni by wandahmvm featuring a zippered tote

Cheers to Scotland (obviously),
Planning the future,
and hoping it will not be as depressing as the Scottish Clouds are.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Song of the Lonely Mountain…. Well, and SHOES.

I believed I could fly. Well, turned out I couldn't.
A post about my few days in Italy… No, not the nice pizza-pasta-amore-can't thinkofanothercliché part, but the "Südtirol" one. Involving: a lot of hiking.

I went there to go on a hiking trip with my dad, excitingggg. Kind of our tradition.

It was actually quite refreshing yet again, to get away from the civilization and in touch with nature and all that hippiesque stuff… All alone in the wilderness…

Well, yeah, there were still some people around us, and we did get warm supper every night at the next lodge we had previously booked via Internet, but you get what I mean. Right?
At least I did not have any mobile reception for those few days, OK?? I think that should get honoured.

Anyway, it was super amazing, especially how the surrounding changed so much the further you went, from forest to just rocks, to a beautiful wide and green grassy landscape with sexxeyyy cows (I encountered some of them, we had very interesting interactions, actually), 
and then, my favourite part, the green, green mountains. There it was super peaceful and spiritual and harmonious and blahblah.. And also, I felt like a hobbit, which was kinda cool.

OK I'll end my ramblings about mother earth and the sweet, sweet nature here, you probably get how it I had some very nice days in the good old mountains.
Now after that came two more nice days back in the citeyy, namely Brixen and Bozen.
Brixen kinda has to be my favourite one here, since I picked out my birthday preseeeent there.
With which 

I. Am. In. Love.     

It's shoes. What else? 

Oh such wonderful, dirty-black/brown military-like shoes (way to fail at the description, Wanda).
You sure as hell have not heard the last of them….

The coolest view. 
Where we came from… EXHAUSTING.
There was snow, guys, real snow! Neat. 
Meeting ma buddy Greg. Lovely fellow.
Still not working.

The super proud lil' kid I was. 2.300 metres, wuhu.
But enough of me, now. Maybe you tell me about your vacation spots this year? Or favourite, ever?
Or… No? OK. I'm trying here, guys, I'm trying…

Cheers to sexy mother-fffffu..nny nature,
Saying almost-'No' to civilization,
And shoes, shoes, SHOES.