Friday, 22 August 2014

I say Men, you say: SKIRTS! (Wait, What?)

Source: Telegraph UK

Men in skirts.. I never was all too sure what I should think about that
-Well, except: "why??" And maybe also: "NO!!"

But you know what? I will make an exception. Hell, I will make a whole lot of exceptions.
For the next two weeks I will happily accept every man I see wearing a skirt.
Because apparently, that's what men do.. when in Scotland.

Yeah, that's right, I'm going to go to Scotland!
My plan is to visit several scottish unis, since I consider ditching Germany and studying over there. I picked the following: Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, most of them having Open Days now.
Of course, I am super duper excited about the trip, since Scotland seems to be a beautiful country, and let me tell you: I really do like Porridge, so: check!

Now it seems like scottish clouds aren't very happy clouds, having a tough life - always crying, those poor little things!
On top of it, my friend the Internet tells me how it currently has around 14°C there at best, which means bye-bye summer clothes…

Mentally preparing for that weather, I created yet another polyvore set.. Or two three, which I think kinda suit the occasion, too.
(Weirdly, I only now realise how I forgot to throw in a nice pair of wellies, oops.)

Have any of you been to Scotland, or maybe even live(d) there? Or anyone going on a uni-visit-spree, as well?
Got an idea what I should wear when on campuses? Like more formal, or laid back (ripped jeans and stuff OK?) Tell me, tell me, tell meeeh!!
(I am usually not as desperate as I sound on here.. I hope.)


Uni von wandahmvmnavy tights enthaltend


Uni von wandahmvmgold jewelry enthaltend


Uni by wandahmvm featuring a zippered tote

Cheers to Scotland (obviously),
Planning the future,
and hoping it will not be as depressing as the Scottish Clouds are.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Song of the Lonely Mountain…. Well, and SHOES.

I believed I could fly. Well, turned out I couldn't.
A post about my few days in Italy… No, not the nice pizza-pasta-amore-can't thinkofanothercliché part, but the "Südtirol" one. Involving: a lot of hiking.

I went there to go on a hiking trip with my dad, excitingggg. Kind of our tradition.

It was actually quite refreshing yet again, to get away from the civilization and in touch with nature and all that hippiesque stuff… All alone in the wilderness…

Well, yeah, there were still some people around us, and we did get warm supper every night at the next lodge we had previously booked via Internet, but you get what I mean. Right?
At least I did not have any mobile reception for those few days, OK?? I think that should get honoured.

Anyway, it was super amazing, especially how the surrounding changed so much the further you went, from forest to just rocks, to a beautiful wide and green grassy landscape with sexxeyyy cows (I encountered some of them, we had very interesting interactions, actually), 
and then, my favourite part, the green, green mountains. There it was super peaceful and spiritual and harmonious and blahblah.. And also, I felt like a hobbit, which was kinda cool.

OK I'll end my ramblings about mother earth and the sweet, sweet nature here, you probably get how it I had some very nice days in the good old mountains.
Now after that came two more nice days back in the citeyy, namely Brixen and Bozen.
Brixen kinda has to be my favourite one here, since I picked out my birthday preseeeent there.
With which 

I. Am. In. Love.     

It's shoes. What else? 

Oh such wonderful, dirty-black/brown military-like shoes (way to fail at the description, Wanda).
You sure as hell have not heard the last of them….

The coolest view. 
Where we came from… EXHAUSTING.
There was snow, guys, real snow! Neat. 
Meeting ma buddy Greg. Lovely fellow.
Still not working.

The super proud lil' kid I was. 2.300 metres, wuhu.
But enough of me, now. Maybe you tell me about your vacation spots this year? Or favourite, ever?
Or… No? OK. I'm trying here, guys, I'm trying…

Cheers to sexy mother-fffffu..nny nature,
Saying almost-'No' to civilization,
And shoes, shoes, SHOES.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Back-to-School Looks, Being All-Consuming, Polyvore-Love

Just had so much fun on Polyvore, I had forgotten how much of a life-robber this site is..
I created a few 'Back to School'-Looks (in my case uni, by the way. Grown up girl and all.. haha yeah right.)
And all of these looks are heading into different style-sections,
which made me realise once more how split I am concerning my own style.
Couldn't define it as sporty, or classy, or girly or whatever, noo, for me it's got to be EVERYTHING. All-consuming as I am...
-Wait, is this even a good thing?

Maybe you'd like to give me some feedback on the outfits, tell me which you prefer
or even link me to your own ideas of a back to school?
That would be super cool!

Cheers to School Looks,
Being indecisive as usual,
And becoming a tota Polyvore freak once again.

Back to School2

Blue shirt / Military green parka / Topshop jeans / Dr. Martens lace up boots, $145 / Leather tote / Knuckle ring / Bead bracelet / Burberry chronograph watch / AIAIAI tech accessory / Tech accessory

Back to School3

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hollywood Calling!!! … (Not.)

sBREAD the love

Hint, hint: My first experiences at a film set, yayyy!

When I was younger, I really wanted to become an actress. Like in movies, on the big, big, wonderful, magical screen.
I took acting classes and loved it. I also auditioned for a pretty big agency here in Germany (Agentur Schwarz), but unfortunately I didn't get in, which of course I, with my little 11 years, was super bummed about.

But I guess that's the first and most important thing you have to learn when trying to set foot in such a business: people are gonna turn you down. For me, that pretty much was it then, which was very stupid of me. I took it personally (being in a very insecure phase) and didn't continue down that road.

Still, I always kept my interest in films, and also journalism, media in general up until now.
You you can imagine how excited I was, when a few months ago my older sister's friend, who is studying at a pretty good film academy, asked me, if I wanted to be part of her new production (she's a producer already, btw).
Naturally, I screamed said YESSS.

Now the sobering fact: I was to be behind the scenes. But you know what? Fair enough!!
I always wanted to explore that side as well, so I took the offer, becoming the production assistant for the (short) film
-which, by the way, is going to air on ARTE (a german-french national TV channel, a good one, that is) next spring.

Those 9 days (4 of shooting) where a blast, super exhausting (around 15h of work a day, starting at 7am) but so worth it.
I met really cool people, who happen to have worked within quite interesting different projects as well (like commercials for big car companies, tobacco goods, huge music videos and all), so it has been super insightful talking to them.

Also, my work was interesting, but still it often didn't let me take a closer look at the shooting itself, since I often was out and about, taking care of the catering, the extras, getting more stuff people on set needed, taking care of contracts and so on.
But I managed to sneak in a few times watching the shoot itself, and that was super informative already.

The actors also were super nice, one of them, by the way, had landed quite big roles before for example in "Downfall" (2004), which maybe a few of you know? It's André Hennicke, if you'd like to google him or something.

After these 9 days I was dead. Seriously. Well, figuratively speaking, duh.
So much work, so little time. But that's how it rolls in this business, I guess. Exciting, still!
I am sure I will continue doing these kinds of projects in the future!
Anyhow, to not write you all into a life-long coma of boredom, here are some photos from the shoot, I hope you enjoy!-And of course, If you'd like to know more about the project or my work there, please feel free to ask!!

One of the producers and me celebrating our buffet, it was PERFECTION.
(Excuse my face, no time for  looking pretty.)
Busy, busy doing the loading.
The obligatory selfie in the bathroom - super essential.

Where the make-up-magic took place.

Dressing room. What do I spy with my little eye.. a wedding dress??

Cheers to making films,
Fake brides with super pretty dresses
And me becoming a true business lady… eventually.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Find Yourself, LOVE Yourself(ie)

Holaaa, everyone!

Finally I am back at home, for once.
And I already have no clue what to do with my life.
Today did not bring much more than a lot of pinterest, some tumblr, a lot of food, some complaining about how it rained for like 10 minutes in which I could not go outside, and then a lot more of still staying inside while the sun was shining brightly.
I slowly start to get why I am never as tan as my friends. Well, besides me having shitty pale-face-genes (just kidding - Mum, Dad, your genes are just wonderful.. Really, almost perfect..).

The last three days I spent at Berlin with my mum and sis (who lives there), and that was so lovely.
A super nice thing about Berlin is that you drive like 45 minutes and you get the most beautiful seas to just sit at or swim in or drink out of (wtf, no not really) and stuff.
Went there saturday and sunday and even got something you could kinda consider a tan.
My belly now is like 5% less white than before, which makes it like 1% tanned almost (kinda exaggerating here, let's make it 0.5%. Out of…1000%. I still don't know why I almost failed maths in tenth grade btw. Really.).
I even got a loser-sunburn-triangl on my forehead-at least I now know that the sunscreen has worked for the rest of my face.

Being in Berlin always makes me feel really free. Relieved, somehow, not even sure of what, though.
I arrive and feel the need to free my real me.
You know, like having the urge to dye my hair some crazy color and join a rock band, or go fully vegan and love and hug everyone. Or maybe save my money for some exclusive stylish designer stuff and visit fashion shows.
To just.. change something about my life that I wouldn't otherwise, since I actually live in a much smaller city, feeling much more judged.

I actually already daydream about moving to Berlin in fact. Probably will next summer. Dead serious about that.

Unfortunately, I don't have much photos to show, mainly selflies, I however do plan on taking more (selfies, that is. Be prepared.). Promised..Kinda.
Anyhow, that's it for now, and I'll ramble to you very soon in my next pointless post. That I can promise. Probably.

To you all a wanda-full evening (see what I did there? An evening full of me.. Haha hilarious, right? Yeah)


Cheers to
Selfies that make you look tanned,
The fact that you can't prove I am in fact very white,
And Berlin, of course.

Because I'm Berlin like that. OK, and white.

Only size large available. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Those are the sad moments in my life.

Prater Garten Love. You visit Berlin-you go there. Nuff said.

Dada - Favourite Falafel & Co place in Berlin. Looked more delicious when I hadn't touched it yet. Sorry, I was hungry.